Urban Whyte

vintage inspired design

Mark & Karen

"building our future together"

Hi there! My name is Karen and I am the proud owner/designer of Urban Whyte which is a family run business located in the town of Devon, Alberta. Together with my husband and sons, we carefully design and handcraft all of the pieces that we sell.

Our business started during the summer of 2014 as we were preparing for our wedding and some of our friends suggested that we should start selling what we make. Never thinking it would amount to much more than a few sales to family or friends, I started building some stools...and then a headboard...and then a dining table.  Before long the word started to spread via social media (and good old fashioned word-of-mouth) and all of the sudden I had a lot more orders than time! Talk about a wild dream come true for a girl who would rather be creating than filing paperwork in a office...so we made the decision to "Go Big or Go Home" as they say and I quit my day job to set up shop in the garage. 

All of our furniture and decor items are made from solid wood and have a very solid feel to them. Many of our items are custom designed to client specifications to suit their home. We also get a lot of requests to build pieces seen on Pinterest....so go ahead and send us a picture along with your size specifications and we will work out a quote for you!

Within a year, Urban Whyte outgrew the home workshop and was blessed to find a suitable location in Devon where we could set up shop...as well as a store and classroom space! Starting in September we opened the doors of our rustic little barn-like shop and we would love for you to stop by and see us. Take a peek at the workshops for a chance to build your own projects with the guidance of an instructor.